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Inspiring Stories From Our Beneficiaries

We have compiled various inspiring and heartwarming stories from the beneficiaries of Will’s Hope in Mesa, AZ. Feel free to browse through the stories on this page to learn more about what we do. If you have a story to share, contact our office today.


Alana's Story

Last November I met an amazing young couple Joseph and Bernadette who had to do the unthinkable… Laying their precious baby girl, Alana Summers Hill-Terrones, to rest after a 2 1/2 month fight with heart disease and other serious medical complexity. Understandably, they were distraught and reeling from the emotional pain of losing their little girl. But, they were also faced with the impossible task of paying for and providing a simple memorial service. Click here to see her video:

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"We were planning to bring Alana home to raise her, love her and give her a good life. Now, after taking so much time off of work (Alana was in the NICU from birth until she passed) and putting everything we had into her recovery, we're trying to figure out how to bring her home to do a proper service.”

- Joseph, Alana's Dad 

That's when Will’s Hope Stepped in to help with arrangements and to help cover the cost of Alana's memorial service. As we spent some time together and we got to know each other Joseph allowed me to be there for him and he asked me some tough questions. Like, If God is so good, why did He allow this to happen to Alana? And, why didn’t He let me, as her Dad, protect her? These are the types of questions our families are asking in the midst of their grief and pain. Thankfully, he allowed me to simply be there with him and to do my best to comfort them. They also asked me to officiate Alana’s memorial service where we cried together; honored and celebrated Alana’s life and said “Goodbye for now. We’ll miss you and we love you… See you again one day!” The service was absolutely beautiful and, of course, heart wrenching! After the service the family communicated to me that they finally were feeling peace for the first time since her birth. Joseph said, “I understand now!” and began asking me questions like: "How do you know when you hear God’s voice? and what does heaven look like?” This family has a long way to go as they "grieve well” and continue to search for answers about Alana’s medical fragility and, ultimately, her much too short life. Here at Will's Hope, we are glad to have been able to walk with this family during such an important time. Thanks to all of our donors and volunteers for ensuring our readiness to stand with these precious families.


Lefebvre Family Story

This Arizona family finds joy and gratefulness in the midst of immense trials.  

"We want Miles as long as possible, but God has taught us through this that everything can't be fixed and everything is not up to us"

- Allison Lefebvre

"Our child is a daily reminder, We have to be thankful for the gift of life" - Bryce Lefebvre

When Allison and Bryce Lefebvre found out they were pregnant with their second child, they couldn't have been more excited, loving the opportunity of more kids.  Allison had experienced a remarkably normal pregnancy with Weston the first time around.  With this news of a second son added to the family, they could have never imagined the question their Dr. asked... "Are you sure you want to continue with this pregnancy?" A routine genetic blood test confirmed the shockingly devastating news of a life threatening birth defect , Spina Bifida.

"When your Dr. asks that kind of question, that's when you know you are dealing with something bad.  We as parents are forced to make the hardest decisions in the deepest sadness of our lives" -Allison Lefebvre

Spina Bifida is a neurological birth defect that affects every part of the body, when in utero, a  baby's spinal cord fails to develop properly.   It can range from mild to severe. Testing showed, Miles' birth defect was grossly severe.   Facing this life changing news, the Lefebvre's knew with all their heart, they were going to have this new baby and choose to find joy every step of the way.  

Miles Gabriel Lefebvre was born Jan 28th, 2015.  Immediately, they knew their worst fears of where he fell in the spectrum of severity was not good.

"When he was born, the room went silent.  He was not breathing and I knew the severity of his defect was of the worst case scenario". -Allison Lefebvre

The fight for his life had begun immediately.  Miles was critical and every minute was fragile. From the first day of his precious life, Miles has endured life threatening episodes involving CPR, intubation and numerous surgeries.  Alison and Bryce quickly learned that Miles was not stable, and never would be.  
The reality was and is, Miles may not survive this.  Because of the severity of his Spina Bifida, Miles  requires 24/7 acute one on one medical/nursing care.  He is Trached  and Vent dependent, and has recently been put on Hospice care.  His future is fragile and the requirements of his medical complexities are emotionally and financially taxing as their private insurance and state aid does not provide all the resources this family needs to care for him.  This summer, Allison and Bryce found out they are pregnant with their 3rd son, Caleb.  Happiness immediately turned to fear and unimaginable pain when once again genetic testing showed a Spina Bifida diagnosis. (A shock to both the Dr.s and the Lefebvre's as it is so incredibly rare to have one child with S.B, let alone two).  Allison and Bryce chose to again fight for the life of their newest son Caleb.

"I didn't realize a broken hearted person can still have their heart broken again" - Allison Lefebvre

With this second round of being pregnant with a Spina Bifida baby, they inquired and eventually were accepted for fetal surgery on their unborn son.  A very complex, dangerous surgery on both mom and child, the Lefebvre's are willing to do anything for the chance of bettering the quality of life for their new son, Caleb.  Allison and Bryce (along with the nurses who have become like family), lean on their faith in God and the help of the community, family and friends to stay strong.  
Having two sons' with critical medical complexities, there is always a need for more help.  The struggles to qualify for more nursing, medical and child care is of the families' top priority as they embark on this journey.  Through Wills Hope Charity, you can be instrumental in helping this family fight for the life of their precious children. Along with the blessing of ongoing emotional support and chaplain services from WHC in dealing with the struggles that incurs with what is ahead, Wills Hope has been instrumental in negotiating and receiving the much needed additional nursing hours for Miles. Providing the resources of more nursing care allows Allison to pursue all avenues that this surgery requires. Fueled by donations from people like you, Wills Hope will be able to provide more needed resources in the continued care for the Lefebvre's. With every day, new miracles are granted, and new adventures of hope, change, and unending love continues.... Stay tuned for the next chapter in the lives of this extraordinary family!


As each need for families with medically fragile children arise, WHC desires to provide the much needed emotional, financial, and spiritual support these families need.  Every families with a medically fragile Child requiring 24 hour medical care needs a support system.

Your donations help us to empower, encourage, and restore HOPE for these families with life limiting ailments... THANK YOU!

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